Our culture

Gibson Innovations is part of Gibson Brands, one of the fastest-growing Consumer Electronics companies in the world. Together, our ambition is to become the world's #1 music lifestyle company. We strive to create a vibrant workplace of engaged and passionate employees. Gibson Innovations is a global company, but we're also a business where each individual can make a big difference.

We're at the heart of a fast-moving and dynamic industry, and our culture reflects that. Our people are our most important asset, which is why we seek to enable each individual to unleash their talent and realize their full potential.

In a fast-moving environment, we believe in agility and speed in our responsiveness towards customers, consumers, markets, partners, suppliers, and each other. With a presence in over 100 countries, a multi-cultural approach is in our DNA, as is acting with integrity, respect and trust.

Our workplace

  • We offer an international environment and career opportunities in one of the world's largest connected entertainment companies
  • We work in an open, pragmatic and informal environment
  • We focus on delivering innovative solutions
  • We work with an exciting portfolio of global brands in a highly dynamic environment
  • We seek growth in our markets by touching the lives of many people
  • We act with integrity and respect
  • We empower our people
  • We value the diverse perspectives of our multi-cultural workforce at every level of our organization
About Gibson Innovations

Part of Gibson Brands Inc., one of the world’s leading music lifestyle companies, Gibson Innovations focuses on great sound quality, advanced technology and sophisticated design to improve the entertainment experience. Our portfolio of brands includes Philips, Philips Fidelio, GoGear, Trainer, Onkyo and Gibson. Our ambition is to become the world’s #1 music lifestyle company.

Gibson Innovations is a Gibson Brands company
Our audio portfolio
Philips delivers innovation that matters to music lovers, in sound and connected entertainment. From great sound quality, to advanced connectivity and sophisticated design, we strive to improve the world’s entertainment experience.
With Philips’ heritage of over 50 years in acoustic innovation, we created Fidelio as an obsession with sound realized through precise audio engineering, innovative design and great user experience. So you can enjoy music as the artist intended, and nothing else.
Since 1946, Onkyo has relentlessly delivered a perfect sound experience, notably through its unparalleled range of AV receivers. We are now going beyond the living room with high resolution sound headphones and wireless portable speakers, so you can enjoy great sound and sleek minimalist design everywhere.
A fresh new comer in music on the go, Go Gear brings fun, energy and a creative twist to a range of affordable and colorful headphones and connected speakers to let music go places with you, everywhere. Let’s go rock that world!
Trainer, our new brand in the fitness wearables segment, keeps the world healthy through a superior music experience: our range of headphones designed for workout will make leading a healthy lifestyle the most pleasurable and energetic experience.
Forget everything you heard before, the legend in guitars is entering the high end audio segment with a bang, thanks to a premium range of headphones and portable speakers building on the amazing heritage of the brand: quality, prestige and innovation.